Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Economic Model

Malaysia's prime minister, Najib Razak, unveiled Tuesday proposals to boost economic growth but also dilute affirmative action privileges for ethnic Malays.

Electrical and electronics, palm oil, oil and gas, tourism, high-value agriculture, green technology, financial services and information technology are the eight key sectors identified as the potential sector to thrive Malaysia into high-income economy .
  • E&E -  focus in research and development and design through innovation. 
  • Palm oil - strengthening research initiatives to meet market demand, such as healthy fats and oils, biofuel from biomass, cosmetics and bio-degradable plastics.
  • Oil & Gas sector - Petronas have position it self as a strong brand internationally thus help to support industry along their supply chain by sharing its know-how, partnering on international bids and offering support on a truly global scale.
  • Potential to take the leadership role in green technology and develop a niche in high value green industries and services.
  • Financial services industry - a world leader in Islamic finance, capital market and takaful - thus had the potential to become a hub for integrated Islamic financial services. 
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